Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Celeste & Matt's Wedding & Baby Time

Tonight I got to go to my beautiful cousin Celeste's wedding reception. What a beautiful bride, and such a fun, happy couple. Celeste, I just want to say you are so graceful, happy, kind and beautiful inside and out. I wish I knew my younger cousins better than I do because it's been really fun getting to know you a little better for your bridal shower and reception.  It was good to see Cami from Japan and Courtnie from Oklahoma tonight too, good to see everyone. The Highland Gardens where the reception was at was beautiful! Oh and whoever decorated their car, nice job!
Earlier today I got to go visit my new nephew Peyton. He's so cute and it was so fun to hold a new baby again. The kids were so excited to see their new brother and Skylar was super excited to see her new cousin. She did not want to leave him, she wanted to stay and hold him forever. In fact she tried to convince me to take him home.

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