Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dance Festival

Today the elementary school had their dance festival and I got to see all my boys dance this year. I was pretty fun to watch, and it's interesting, although not surprising to see their reactions as they age. You know like worrying about what others might think or embarrassed they have to dance with a girl. Here are the fun videos I took, if I can get them to download!
Here's Kadin's dance, unfortunately I thought I had pushed record on my camera, but most the way through the song my camera turned off because of not being used. :( So I missed most of his dance. It was funny at times too because there were a couple times one of the girls he was dancing with yanked him in closer to her and it surprised him. Kadin's the one in the gray, plaid shirt.
This is Fisher's video! What a funny, cute kid he is!
He's the one in the green and white striped shirt.
Here's Levi's, I think he enjoyed dancing with a girl!
He's in the black shirt with a blue and red baseball cap on.
:( I couldn't ever get his video to load. I'll try some other things in a few days.

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  1. Those were very cute Kristi. Perhaps your blog only has so much space for Video, maybe if you take one off in a few days you can load Levi's. Thanks for posting for us.