Thursday, May 31, 2012


Came home from work and baseball games today to discover about 1/3th of Kadin and Levi's carpet is soaked! It took us a little bit to figure out what it's from but we discovered the culprit. Our new fridge has been leaking!!! Most likely ever since Kerby hooked up the water and ice part. One of the hoses hooked up to it has a tiny hole so it's constantly been spraying the tiniest amount on the wall under the stairs for days.  Long night ahead and I totally don't have time for this right now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Speed Of Light

Product Details 
Today I finished the book Speed Of Light by Lee Baker. It took me quite a while to read, not because it wasn't interesting, just because I literally haven't had a chance to sit down and read much. I've been so excited and busy getting my paparazzi business together it's taken up a lot of time, well that and doing some deep cleaning.
Anyways, this is a good book. It's very interesting and would be so cool if and when our technology gets this far.  It's about a company who builds an airplane that goes as fast as the speed of light and when they test it on a human some very interesting things happen to him. He sorta gains superpowers. This book made me concentrate on what I was reading so I could understand it better and I really liked that. Very good book! Thanks again Amanda for the suggestion and for letting me borrow it. You all should read it, it's really good.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grilled Garlic Artichokes

Today I grilled some artichokes from the bountiful basket. I've had them for about 3 weeks (in a nice Tupperware container keeping them fresh) and decided I better figure out what to do with them. I don't remember ever cooking artichokes but Kerby says I made something with them really good once. I know I definitely haven't used fresh ones.
I used this recipe Grilled Garlic Artichokes and Kerby and the kids all loved it, I thought it was ok. I'm not a huge artichoke fan but I did like it and would make it again. I also grilled some pineapple which was very tasty! It was also from bountiful baskets and it was soooooooooo good!
 Oh but I did something bad. I singed by eyebrows, eyelashes and hair while grilling, so be warned that the garlic sauce you put in the artichokes is flammable. Haha!!! I really could use less eyebrow, although I prefer them to not be curled (you can't see that in the pic really) but I really don't need less eyelash. They're so much shorter, especially my left eye. :(

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Help

Today I got up at 5am to get ready for work. Searched 2 hours for my badge (which has my work keys attached) with no luck. Sent my friend Julie a text asking if I could borrow her keys. I got to work, worked all day then went to a bbq at Tina's house. Then we watched The Help. I'm so grateful that the world isn't like that now. I'm so grateful I know how to work and do things for myself and care for my children. Ok, well I at least try all those things, sometimes I fail miserably at some of them but I try.  The Help is a good, sad movie and it's so sad to know that those things and probably much worse than they showed, actually happened. So sad that African American's were treated that way. I'm glad the world is no longer like that but then again there are so many other sad, troubling things going on in the world. :( And you know what? I'm grateful for my little sheltered life in my sheltered town, yes we have plenty of problems and see plenty but I know it's much worse other places.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

This one's going to be short and sweet! We finally saw this movie and thought it was good. Just when I think they can't come up with any more stunts they manage to do it, like the glass building scene.  As in the other movies there are some pretty intense parts that make it pretty exciting. Oh and I like the surprise at the end!

Friday, May 25, 2012

I Got Them!

 Today I got my new glasses from They were free from (other than shipping and the upgrade I chose to get). I gotta say after 10 years of not ever wearing glasses and them being the wrong prescription 5 years before that it was really, really weird to wear them again. I instantly felt dizzy and got a headache, talk about some major vertigo. I totally remember that same feeling from when I first got glasses when I was 4 years old....except everything looked like it was suddenly sideways when I put them on back then (wow, I must have been interpreting things way different than they really were). It sort of feels like everything is just a mirage around me with the waviness and everything. Ok so I really have no idea how to explain it but it's weird. No, I don't think it has anything to do with the glasses, I really just think it's because it's been so long since I've worn glasses and my prescription is pretty bad so my eyes just really need to adjust and get used to them. I've been wearing them a little more today and each time I do it gets a little easier. It will be way nice to wake up in the morning and not have to immediately put contacts in.
To look at them off my face they look small (especially compared to how my glasses used to be) but on my face they look a little big. I don't care though, I like them and I know I'll get used to them and for the most part I'll just be in the house with them. If I look tired with them on that's because I am way tired. So, off to bed for me!
Go on over to  and get our free pair. Shipping was fast too!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kendyl's Class Performance

This morning we went and saw Kendyl and her class say a bunch of cute poems they memorized. It was really cute and Kendyl did such a good job. I took video of it but it's too long and won't let me download it. Great job Kendyl and thanks for inviting us.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Fisher's mole next to my pinky finger.
Today I took Fisher into the Dermatologist to have a mole on the inside of his thigh looked at. He said he's pretty sure it's benign but can't be 100% sure without testing it. So, he removed it so they could do a biopsy. He was so brave during the shot and removal. While the nurse gave him the shot he just squeezed his fists tight and tensed up but never cried. The doctor said he sure was a tough kid and that last week they almost had to sit on a 13 year old who wouldn't let them give him the shot. Fisher, you're pretty tough for a 5 year old. Then when he removed it he tensed up at times too so I could tell it was still hurting. They take a razor blade type thing and just scrape it off. Once again he didn't cry and the doctor started calling him Mr. Tough Guy. Afterward him and Skylar got to pick a prize. The bucket was full of toys and what do my kids pick? Suckers! Little tiny suckers over cool little long lasting toys! Crazy kids! Ok, maybe they take after their mother!!!
Anyways, as we were leaving Fisher says, "The shot hurt mom and I almost cried but then I thought of something happy and then I almost laughed. Then the cutter hurt too even though he said it wouldn't but it's ok because I'm Mr. Tough Guy. Oh and a second ago it was stinging, stinging, stinging but now it tickles and I want to scratch it, that's funny that it tickles huh mom? It went from hurt to tickle."
What a cute little boy I have, it's so fun to watch my kids grow up. So, we're praying that it's benign. We have history of skin cancer on both sides of the family so we try to be extra careful, especially since my kids are outside so often.

The mole was not cancerous!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We Bought A Zoo

We rented We Bought A Zoo and we all enjoyed it. I love the family story and how they come together and find happiness again. It's a clean, fun movie and I think it's great for all ages. I cried (probably unnecessarily) during a couple parts and everyone kept looking over at me with an I can't believe you're still crying look. Haha! Good movie, you should see it!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Free Glasses

Today I ordered a free pair of glasses from They're offering this deal until May 31st. Just choose your glasses and any upgrades you want and enter coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE. You pay for any upgrades and shipping. So, I got $199 pair of glasses for only $24 with upgrades (you don't have to get upgrades) and shipping. I suggest you do the try on view AND the product view because I only did the try on view and got a pair that I thought were brown and white but after I ordered I went and looked at the product view and they are brown and blue. It's ok though I like blue too so I'm ok with them. I'm super excited because I haven't owned a pair of glasses since 2 years after I got married so it's been 10 years since I owned a pair, even then those glasses were 5 years old. I've just always had contacts. This will be so nice to have glasses again when I get out of bed or drive or my eyes are bothering me. My eyes are pretty bad -6.5 on the left and -6 on the right so I like to put my contacts in right when I get out of bed but if there's something going on in the middle of the night it's really annoying to have everything be so blurry. Hey, at least I can see right? Go and order your free pair today!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kendyl's Dance Performance

My niece Kendyl did a great job at her performance today. She's such a pretty dancer. I tried to get video but it didn't work out. They did a little Dr. Seuss dance and it was way cute. Way to go Kendyl, keep up the good dancing.

Fisher's Kindergarten Graduation

Fisher had his Kindergarten graduation today which he was super excited for, but he wasn't excited that it was his last day of school. He loves school!! I just hope that continues once he's in school a full day instead of half. Fisher did awesome singing. He's such a sweet and kind heart-ed little boy and you can totally tell by watching him in everything he does. Ok, ALMOST everything. Not so much when he's teasing Skylar or having a potty mouth. I love you Fisher, you are so precious to me!

The program was longer than this but it takes forever to upload video so I decided to post my favorites.
A cute abc song.
Ok these are taking way too long, I'll just have to skip to the graduation ceremony part which I was lucky to get because my battery kept dying because our charger broke. Tomorrow I'll try and add some more videos.
Congratulations Fisher! We love you!!

Here is is with his teacher Mrs Esquerra and Grandma her helper.

Here he is just about to leave the school till next school year.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Underground Railroad

Today I had the opportunity to help Kadin's 5th grade class do a little Underground Railroad journey. They took turns in groups sneaking around the halls of the school and stopping at different stations to eat food and rest and hear stories after their long, exhausting travels. The Underground Railroad was the journey slaves took to get to Canada where they became free from slavery.
 Here's a little information I found about it. The Underground Railroad was neither underground nor a railroad. It got its name because its activities had to be carried out in secret, using darkness or disguise, and because railway terms were used by those involved with system to describe how it worked. Various routes were lines, stopping places were called stations, those who aided along the way were conductors and their charges were known as packages or freight. The network of routes extended through 14 Northern states and “the promised land” of Canada--beyond the reach of fugitive-slave hunters. Those who most actively assisted slaves to escape by way of the “railroad” were members of the free black community (including former slaves like Harriet Tubman), Northern abolitionists, philanthropists and church leaders like Quaker Thomas Garrett. Harriet Beecher Stowe, famous for her novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, gained firsthand knowledge of the plight of fugitive slaves through contacts with the Underground Railroad in Cincinnati, Ohio.
 Here are some sneaking around and hiding so they don't get caught. If they spoke then they were caught and they had to go back to class.
 Here they are being pushed in a cart for part of the way.
 There were 4 kids inside. This was always their favorite part.
 I got to be the last station where they arrived to Canada. I got to feed then and tell them a story then take them to their new homes where they were free. The kids really enjoyed this and I think it's a great idea. It was a good experience for me and I was only in that one part. Kadin came home and talked about it the rest of the day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 I finished the 2nd book Supernaturally, in the Paranormalcy series by Kiersten White .  I think I liked the first book a little more but I still liked this one. They're not my favorite books but I'm glad I read them and got some entertainment from them for a few days. I did like them enough that I'm anxious for the 3rd book Endlessly to come out in July. I know some people who love, love, love this book and I do really like it a lot. Just give them a read and find out for yourself if you like them. If you like books about vampires, hags, faeries, mermaids and all those kinds of creatures and you like clean romance then you'll like them. Go find it in your library and give it a try.  Hey, did you know unicorns are really ugly? Haha! Well, in this book they are, so are vampires and many other things (at least to Evie). :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paparazzi Consultant

Well everyone, as of today I am officially a Paparazzi consultant! YAY! Ok, so I know some of you think I'm crazy because I do Tupperware still but I'm so excited to start a new business and see where it takes me. I can't wait to get all my stuff! It's going to be like Christmas. So, if you ever need anything or want to do a party you know where to find me!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Basset Hound Puppies

Mia had her puppies!! YAY! She was 5 days early but everything has gone really well and the puppies are all doing great and seem to be healthy and normal size. They are so cute!
 I guess I should have know by the way she was acting before I went to work this morning that she would have them. She kept jumping on every surface she could find even though she knows she not supposed to be there. AND this morning we woke up to this. She tore her bed apart and removed all the stuffing from it. Yep! I should have know it! Yes, that brown stuff is the stuffing. My kids thought it was her fur.
 She has 6 puppies, 3 girls and 3 boys.
 She is the best mother dog I have ever seen. She's so sweet and gentle with them.
 How adorable! It's going to be fun watching them change! Great job Mia!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fun Day!

Today we celebrated my beautiful Grandma Morley's  80th birthday. I think she had a great time visiting with friends and family she hadn't seen in a while. I love you Grandma! Thanks for being the great example you've always been and for being there for us all when needed. I didn't have my camera with me so I didn't get to take any pictures.
After we went to see Wrath of the Titan's for Mother's Day. I wanted to see The Hobbit but we couldn't find it anywhere we checked, maybe it's not out yet. I liked the Wrath of the Titan's though, I love movies like that! I love the action and the special effects. Very well done!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Kadin's Piano Recital

Tonight Kadin had another piano recital and he did great! He was a little sad because he messed up a few times but I'm so proud of him. He had changed his recital songs a few times so didn't get as much practice in. Usually he memorizes them but didn't this time but that's ok. I told him that it's ok if he uses his book.
Great job Kadin!
He got a medal for practicing 68 hrs the past year. Last year he got a trophy for 81 hours.
He won the Boomerang award! Because he always bounces back from not having enough practice and does better the next week.
After every persons turn Skylar would whisper that it was her turn. So, after it was all over she said, "ok it's MY turn." So, I let her go up. Then she got all shy because there were 4 or 5 teenage boys watching her play, it was pretty cute.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Fridge

Today I got a new fridge! YAY!!!! Last night we discovered our fridge wasn't working, things had been getting warmer in there but we figured maybe the kids had just turned the fridge down so we just turned it up higher. Apparently it was just broken! I am very fortunate to have generous in-laws because they all bought us a new fridge!!! How awesome is that? Now I have a fridge that matches my kitchen instead of the old yellow kind. I'm sooooooooo excited! Thank you so much to all of Kerby's family!
Our yucky old fridge!
 Our lovely new fridge just about to come off the truck, thanks for letting us borrow the truck dad.
 It appears our old fridge has been trying to burn a hole in our floor!
 The fridge door.
 Inside the fridge. Happy sigh...
 Freezer door.
 Inside freezer and fridge, I have more room than before!
 I can control the temperature without reaching in all the way, it's just right in front.
 Awe it looks beautiful and like it belongs. :)
 Digital ice and water dispenser.
Happy Day!!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tupperware Breakfast Maker & Detox Day 3

This morning when I weighed again from doing the Detox I hadn't lost anymore weight but Kerby lost 4 lbs, so he's lost 5 and I've lost 3. I found out from my sister Carrie that we weren't eating things at the right times. Kerby's done with the detox but knowing this info he may do it again in a week or two. The way he was doing it he wasn't getting enough protein so his muscles were feeling week. I've been feeling great today and yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow there will be more weight loss, today I ate more veggies. Here's the rundown...
For breakfast eat a lot of protein, it should be the most you eat in the day.
1 or 2 hours after, eat an orange.
1 or 2 hours after, eat lunch, it should be more protein.
1 or 2 hours after, eat an orange.
For Kerby since he eats breakfast at 5:50 a.m. and lunch at 10 a.m. he should be eating more protein a couple hours after the second orange.
Then eat more protein for dinner.
Eat raw green vegetables (no peas) throughout the day.
This morning I used my new Breakfast Maker from Tupperware to make this yummy omelet and it was really good. I made what they show in the video below, only I just used green peppers, cucumbers, some chicken from last night and eggs and water. It was so fast, I just quickly cut up the stuff and only had to cook it for 2 minutes on high.

Detox Day 2

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Detox Day 2

Yesterday Kerby and I started this Detox and it was pretty hard, today was easy for me, well way easier than yesterday. I still wanted sugar but I didn't feel hungry all the time. I don't think I ate enough protein yesterday morning. Anyways when we weighed this morning I had lost 3 lbs and Kerby lost 1. Hopefully just as good if not better results tomorrow.  Kerby's ready to be done, he says his muscles feel weak and he doesn't think it's worth it, maybe I can convince him to do the last day.  Right now he's telling me he's getting up at 4 in the morning to make brownies. Ya, I don't think I can convince him to do it another day. That's ok, I didn't even ask him to do it at all he just wanted to. It's me I'm worried about because I keep gaining weight.


Well the busy baseball season has officially started and I didn't have my camera and my phone was dead so I couldn't capture any moments of Kadin and Levi's first games. I wasn't able to go to Levi's game because Kadin had one at the same time in Genola. We're not sure what the score was for Levi's game but they lost. Kadin's team won 15-9 so that was pretty awesome. Next time I'll have to remember my camera. I love watching baseball games, but it sure is a busy time.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Today Kerby and I started the 3-14 day detox for the M.D. Diet. First of all let me say this...I. WANT. ICE CREAM. Or a doughnut or a cookie or even just some of the dried bananas my kids are eating right now. Mmmmmm. Kerby was really excited to be able to eat all the meat he wants, but even he was wanting carbs and sugar halfway through the day.
Supposedly we're supposed to wake up tomorrow morning having lost some weight, I sure hope that's true. This detox is supposed to chemically adjust the body into a high metabolic burn, along with detoxifying the body by flushing out toxins and excess water storage.

Hopefully this gets easier, but hey I can handle it for a few days. Then I can start the regular diet and have a few more options of what to eat.
For this detox (here's a very short run down) you eat
*all the green veggies and salad you want (except peas),
*all the meat you want (except pork), 2 oranges (one as an a.m. snack and one as an afternoon snack), *2 eggs,
*1/4 tsp. of Morton's Lite salt and
*at least six 8 oz. glasses of water per day.
Season food with any seasoning as long as it doesn't contain sugar or salt. You may use olive oil and vinegar or a low calorie Italian salad dressing on your salads.
NO peas, bread, pasta, milk, cheese or condiments. NO fruit or fruit juices (except the 2 oranges). NO gravies or dressings (except olive oil and vinegar or a low calorie Italian salad dressing).

There's a bit more to it that don't really apply to me, if you want to try this let me know and I can get you a full copy of the paper. I really hope this helps, I'll let you know each day how it's going. Today I really wanted sugar and got tired of eating meat and veggies but I really believe it will be worth it! Thanks Carrie for the info and congrats on losing over 30 lbs so far doing it!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kendyl's Baptism

Today my beautiful niece Kendyl was baptized as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm so proud of you Kendyl, you're such a sweet, happy girl and I'm so happy for your perfect day! I love you so much! You're a great example to everyone!
Kendyl & Skylar
 Afterward we had lunch and celebrated her birthday!
 Opening presents. A super cute scripture case.
 Kendyl got her ears pierced for her birthday so I got her an earring and necklace holder.
 Here super cute birthday cake shaped like an 8! Love it Tina!
Skylar, Easton and Landon just playing around.