Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kindle Fire...Wahoo!!!

For my birthday Kerby bought me a Kindle Fire and I am so stinkin' excited! I've been wanting one for so long because I love to read. I had no idea all the things you could do with it though, like use the internet, watch movies, play games. I'm so thrilled and Kerby is excited to use it too. I think he gave it to me early so that he could take it to church and use the scriptures on it. Also he wanted me to pick out what I wanted, the case color and everything. So, I found a great deal on an unopened one with a new cool case and a $25 Amazon gift card which will come in really handy when I shop for books! I share an account with Jessica, Audrey and Nancy so there are already lots of fun things to read on there. Thank you so much Kerby I am in book world heaven now. ;) Thanks Nancy for the money to spend on books and downloads. WAHOO! Oh ya and guess what? It can be a mirror too! I noticed that while playing around with it that at times it looks just like you're looking into a mirror. I can't wait to discover everything I can do with it.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Well today I had to meet someone at Flying Jay in Springville to purchase something from KSL and I actually needed some gas. So, I was in line, the very long line, to get gas and decided to just go to my next destination to gas up. I figured the fuel light wasn't on yet and I'd be able to get better gas anyways. Well, I was on the freeway halfway between the 2 Springville exits when I could feel that I had run out of gas!!!!! OH NO!!! Oops, the fuel light is on the opposite side from where I was looking. I tried coasting as far as I could but Nancy pointed out that even if I were able to coast very far that the off ramp (my next destination) was up hill and that there's no way it would work. Grrrrr! So, I was able to coast onto the off ramp and pull over into a construction area. I debated walking to the Conoco that was only a couple blocks away and figured I could climb the fence but I ended up calling my sweet sister Collette who lives in Mapleton, knowing my dad would have some gas there. She came with a huge, heavy 5 gallon tank of gas and passed it to me over the fence from the frontage road. Then I hauled it over very awkwardly to my car and had to figure out how to attach the little hose thingy to the tank so I could pour it in. After help from Nancy lifting it up and us both getting gasoline on our hands...and feet we got it done. Some people even stopped to help which I love because that means there are still people willing to help out! Thanks so much Collette for driving over and rescuing me. Thanks Nancy for making me laugh about it and getting your hands dirty with me. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great Grain Bakery Multigrain Bread With Flax Seed

Today I found this bread at Walmart and it was only $1.66 (for real) and I think that's really good for this type of bread. It's pretty good too, I wish it had more sunflower seeds in it because I love that but for $1.66 it was excellent! I plan on getting it a lot now. They have whole wheat too. Honestly I don't know how good the bread is health wise but it's got to be better than the plain white or wheat that I normally buy (which are perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches). Maybe some day I'll look and see how it compares to other breads but for now I'm just excited for a change in bread (after being spoiled in Nevada with their yummy bread) for some tasty sandwiches.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Better Reason To Fall In Love

I borrowed this book from Tina to read while traveling to Nevada and back. I didn't get much reading done but got to read yesterday and today after lots of cleaning was accomplished. Still so much to do too! I really love Marcia Lynn McClure's books. I haven't ever read one that I didn't like. She's one of my favorite authors and her books are one of my favorite style of books to read. This book was no exception. It was fabulous just like all her other books. All her books are clean romance (Julie, no smut but I think you'd still like her books) and very fun to read. I do enjoy reading her books more that take place in older times but her newer modern ones are really good too. You are a fabulous and very fun author Marcia Lynn McClure! I also like the names you use for your characters, in this case Jagger and Tabby. Here is the book description.
Tabby glanced up to see the sales and marketing analyst for the company, Jagger Brodie, walking-rather sauntering-toward the PR office. Without realizing it, a heavy sigh of something akin to longing escaped Tabby's lungs as she watched Jagger Brodie cross the main office space. He was entirely the most attractive man Tabby had ever known-not that she really knew him well, but she knew him well enough to know he was hot! Tall, dark, and handsome, Jagger Brodie looked as if he'd stepped directly out of some sort of trendy clothing store ad, only wearing a business suit instead of nothing but a pair of jeans. He had the deepest green eyes Tabby had ever seen, a flawlessly chiseled jawline, and ebony hair that alluringly beckoned to be combed with female fingers-Tabby's fingers. "Boom chicka wow wow!" Emmy whispered. "Absolutely!" Tabby breathed as she watched Jagger Brodie saunter past. She envied Jocelyn for a moment, knowing he was most likely on his way to drop something off on Jocelyn's desk or to speak with her. Jocelyn got to talk with Jagger almost every day, whereas Tabby was lucky if he dropped graphics changes off to her once a week. "Ba boom chicka wow wow!" Emmy whispered again. "He's sporting a red tie today. Ooo, the power tie! He must be feeling confident." Tabby smiled, amused and yet simultaneously amazed at Emmy's observation. She'd noticed the red tie too. "There's a big marketing meeting this afternoon," she told Emmy. "I heard he's presenting some hardnosed material." "Then that explains it," Emmy said, smiling. "Mr. Brodie's about to rock the company's world!" "He already rocks mine...every time he walks by," Tabby whispered.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cute Little Runt

Well we sold our first puppy out of this litter and I just knew she'd be picked first. She was such a sweet little Basset Hound and so darn pretty. We sold her to a 13 year old boy in Castle Dale who's been working really hard to earn money to buy a puppy. I love it when I get to sell a puppy to kids who have been working hard to buy one. That tells me that puppy will be very well taken care of. I'm so excited for her and her new little family. They all seemed really nice too! Oh and they're naming her Bell. So cute!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Duped! Revised...

OK I decided to change this whole post and instead of complain about a certain store and not do anything about it I decided to take action instead of just make a post for the world to see. Why add more negativity right? So, I'm changing the post to another way I was duped. My sister Kylee is pregnant with her second child and over the phone had made a comment that made me think she was having a girl. So, I kept saying I knew she was having a girl (her and Matt weren't telling anyone what they were having, we had to find out through the mail). Well, I was in Nevada while everyone was getting their mail and finding out what they were having. So, I sent Kylee and text and said that wasn't fair so she gave in and told me they were having a boy!!! I congratulated her, told everyone at the farm and was all excited! Then Sunday night we get home really late and it wasn't in the mail. Then it came while I was at work Monday so I didn't see it till I got off work. Well SHE definitely was NOT a BOY! It is a girl! So, I was right and Kylee totally duped me and told me it was a boy! I'm really excited for them though, Brooke will have so much fun with a little sister!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Taking A Break & Taco Bell Dorito Taco

Today I tried Taco Bell's new Dorito Taco and because I love Doritos so much I thought it would be so good but it was just ok. It didn't taste much different than a regular taco. I did love how they have the little cardboard holders for the tacos now. How long have they had those? Very nice.
Also today I ordered some baby pics at 1 hr photo at Walmart then forgot to get them!!! I spent forever finding the pictures to be able to order them only to forget to pick them up. We're leaving for a family reunion at 4am tomorrow and needed them for it. Oh well.
Ok, I've never done this before but I'm doing it now...while on vacation I will not be doing my daily dose update. I will do it when I get back for each day but it's too hard to do while on the farm in Nevada. Have a great week and weekend everyone!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Chicken Noodle Soup

 With everyone not feeling good I made some chicken noodle soup. It was even requested, very unusual for my family during the summer time...ok EVER! It was sooo good though and really hit the spot. Oh and no I don't know the recipe, I just through it all together and didn't measure because I wanted it to be done quickly. I didn't spend time on home made noodles either, even though I love them. It was a quick soup and very good.
Here's what I put in it, without the exact measurements. I'm sure you could figure it out to your taste.
2-10 oz can's chicken (not drained)
several baby carrots chopped
2 or 3 lettuce stalks (keep the water you use to boil the carrots and lettuce)
egg noodles
4 bullion cubes
garlic salt

Pretty Skylar

I just had to share this. I was at Walmart and Skylar wanted this wagon. So, I got her the wagon and she wanted to pull it around in the store. Then we bought some flowers which she pulled around in the wagon all around the store while we shopped. Then we got home and she started pulling it around the yard and of course I had to take some pictures. I love them! She's such a cute, beautiful girl!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012


Today with my family we celebrated 4 birthdays. Madison's, Gage's, Fisher's and Ben's. It was a fun night at Salem Pond. Everyone enjoyed some fishing, swimming (the kids), good food and fun visiting. Fisher was so excited to go to Salem Pond. We planned on bringing the aluminum boat but it was too windy. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of fish.
Madison opening her presents and loving all the hair feathers and jewelry she got.
 Gage's turn now and he got some pretty awesome stuff!
 Fisher's turn to be sung to. We're quite the singing crew!
His fishing cake he just had to have when he saw it at the store. I was happy to get it for him too since I have no idea how to decorate a real looking fish cake. So, I'll have to study up for next year.
 What a cute kid!
 He loved all his gifts, thank you everyone!
 Levi and Somer arm wrestling in the background (no I don't know who won).
 Now it's Ben's turn and he's shocked at what the present is inside because he thought the present was going to be what he got but Cameron tricked him into thinking it was something else. So, he was all excited that he knew what it was anyways, then it really ended up being what he initially thought it was.
It was good to see the Cather's and the Snow's there. Fisher and Sophia, just sitting and chatting while watching the sun set. Fisher's a little shy around Sophia because she's so cute! Sophia keeps telling Jenny that she's going to marry Fisher some day. That really would be neat and fun if that really happened. What a cute girl! They used to be in our ward about a year ago and they still remember each other.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Finally our we have a good cherry year! We planted our cherry tree 6 or 7 years ago and the year before last we were starting to think we had planted a male tree (if there's even a male and female cherry tree, that's what I read) because we weren't getting any cherries on it at all and my sister who planted hers after us was getting a lot. Well last year we finally got about 10 cherries and the birds ate most of them. This year we had a lot, probably a couple hundred. Also we had put a net over the tree to help keep the birds away. They still ate lots of them but we got to eat a lot too! Today I picked the last of them because the birds were starting to eat more of them since they found a way in (one got stuck the other day for a few minutes). I'm so excited that we can finally get cherries from our very own tree each year now. I love cherries!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shucking/Cooking Corn--Clean Ears Everytime

Have you seen this??? It's so coot! Thanks for sharing this with me mom, I finally got some corn and tried it. It really works too! I hate shucking corn because of all the hairs that you have to keep pulling off but this way you don't have to do that. So cool! Oh ya and it cooks the corn too!!!
Here are some pictures just in case your for some reason not able to watch his video.
Cook corn in the microwave on high for 4 minutes per ear of corn (so I did 12 minutes). I think with my microwave I can do a little bit less time, like maybe 15 or 30 seconds less per ear. ***EDIT*** We did this again but cooked 4 pieces for only 4 minutes and it was perfect. Then we cooked one separately for 4 minutes and it was perfect. So, it seems that at least with up two 4 pieces that 4 minutes total works just fine. NOT 4 minutes per ear.
 Remove from microwave with an oven mit.
 Cut off the end that doesn't show the hairs sticking out.
 Then lift it by the hairy end and shake the corn out of the leaves.
 All the hair is still inside the leaves! So cool!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

La Choy Creations

Today was another day where I had to make a quick and easy dinner (tomorrow I'm doing crock-pot!). I had this box of La Choy Creations Sweet and Sour Chicken and decided to try it with just some canned chicken again. I used 2 cans and it worked out good. I thought it was really good and will definitely be making it again. Fisher even said, "now I know what my 5th favorite food is, this." So, it was a big hit with him. Everyone else seemed to like it too which is nice because it was so easy. I love easy!

Monday, June 11, 2012


I love this cheesecake! My sister Maren gave me this recipe and it's very similar to what they have at my work that I love. I love it when cheesecake is light and fluffy and not so dense and rich. Unfortunately that means that I eat a lot more of it! Soooooooo good, thanks for the recipe Maren!
1- 8 oz. pkg cream cheese (softened)
1/2 c. sugar
1 c. sour cream
2 tsp vanilla
1- 8 oz. pkg cool whip

Mix all ingredients together then add to graham cracker pie crust or oreo cookie pie crust. Let chill for a while. Add desired toppings or eat plain. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Tonight we watched this movie and it's a really fun one. Pretty bizarre like the first one but I like bizarre! I did fall asleep a few times, not because it was boring but because I was so tired. The kids liked it a lot, especially the giant lizard and bees they road on. The kids now wish we lived next to a volcano full of gold though. Fun movie, you should see it if you haven't. Good night!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fisher's Birthday

Today after I got home from work we celebrated Fisher's birthday with Kerby's parents. Kerby also took all the kids fishing today, all day. Happy Birthday Fisher, I love you!
Turn your head to the left to watch. Haha! You'd think I'd know better than to do that by now. What was I thinking???
He wanted a chocolate cake and I didn't have time to make and decorate one today so I tried finding one at the store but they only had white so I got some cool cupcakes instead. He was pretty excited.
 Cool ninja swords from Gramps and Grammy.
 He also asked if he could have money for his birthday so I got a Reeses and cut a slit in the back under the part that folds over and hid some money in it. What a cutie though, when he thought all we gave him was a candy bar he didn't complain, he was genuinely excited!
 He had all the reeses out and still hadn't found it so I had to tell him to keep opening it.
 Then he was even more excited!
 Levi gave him a cool scented marker!
 Eating the Cow Pie from Gramps and Grammy! Which somehow ended up on my couch later on. How in the world did a cow get up there??
Time to play with everything.
 They've had a blast with them.
Then we watched Kung Fu Panda 2 which we had already seen in the theater and I totally forgot about it.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Turtle Brownie Pecan Blizzard

Today after baseball games Kerby's parents took us to Dairy Queen. I got a Butterfinger Blizzard which I love and Kerby got the Turtle Brownie Pecan Blizzard, which is the blizzard of the month. I don't really like chocolate and definitely not brownies but it didn't look too chocolatey and I love pecans so I decided to try it. Wow! It was sooooooooooooo good! I will for sure be going back for one of those before June ends. It didn't really taste like chocolate to me. Oh wow, I just really, really liked that flavor! YUM! Thank you Kerry and Nancy for the delicious treat and thanks Kerby for letting me have two bites of your very pleasing, delightful blizzard!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Blinds

For mother's day I wanted blinds so Kerby bought me some. He got some for all the bedrooms and today we finished installing them. I'm so excited about them, I've wanted blinds for a really long time. I didn't like that it was so easy to tell which bedrooms belonged to one of my kids, now you can't really tell. I'm so stinkin' happy about them right now. Thank you so much Kerby and kids, I love them! That's one thing I can cross of my to do list for the year. They just look so much better than all the curtains we had up.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Velveeta Cheey Skillets

 Today I made this Chicken and Broccoli Velveeta Skillet from a box because I needed a quick dinner. It was pretty good, I would definitely do it again when I need something quick. Instead of cooking chicken I used 3 cans of canned chicken with 2 boxes of the Velveeta mix. I'm a little disappointed in the chicken though. Look at the picture below, I bought the bigger can 3 months ago and the smaller just this week. :( They're so much smaller now. The bigger one was 12.5 oz and now they're only 10 oz. but of course the same price. I never would have noticed had I not had them side by side. Crazy! I remember when Reeses were way bigger than they are now, now they're almost quarter size. Everything's so much smaller and costs so much more.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Today I watched Fisher play his first t-ball game of the year. He sure was excited to finally play again and he did such a great job. My camera stopped working so I took some pics with my phone and this was the only one that worked out. He's playing on 3rd in this picture. He always hit the ball far and new pretty much everything he needed to do. I love watching t-ball, the kids are so innocent and happy and not so worried about who's winning or losing. So, fun to watch! Great job Fisher.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Skylar's First Hair Cut

Today I watch with sadness my only daughter get her hair cut for the first time. Ok, well it's been cut twice, but neither of those times were planned. The first time Fisher cut it when she was less than 1 and then she cut it just yesterday.
This was before. So long and pretty.
This is before, showing her own hair cutting skills.
So cute! It's still long and pretty too, just evened out now. Thanks Caryl, I love it! Hopefully it won't get so tangled now too.
Since I know people are wondering about her chin I might as well tell you here. Yesterday Kerby was mowing the lawn and Skylar was about 30 feet away when something flew out from under the lawn mower and hit her right in the chin. Fisher say's it was a piece of bark, I don't know but it sure looked painful.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Little Beautician

Well we have a little beautician in the house. Skylar decided to cut her hair!  The other day I singe my eyebrows and eyelashes, now this! I was mopping the floor and Levi was watching her and keeping her out of the kitchen while I mopped. She cut herself some bangs and didn't do a terrible job either.  I had just started thinking about getting her hair cut and wondered if I should have Caryl cut bangs but honestly was leaning toward no bangs. Well, I guess Skylar had other plans and now we're doing bangs. Now I just need to decided if the rest will just be a trim or a major cut. These decisions take me forever and she's coming tomorrow!
 "Uh-oh I guess I did something wrong."
 It's not too bad once I spread it out.