Saturday, December 31, 2011

Breakfast at IHOP with Kylee

 Some of us met Kylee at IHOP at 6:00 this morning for breakfast to say goodbye to her. We had lots of fun and shed lots of tears...again!
Her in-laws gave her a gift basket of lots of fun things and I gave her a cookie factory.

Going away party for Kylee and new game

My youngest sister Kylee left to move to North Carolina today so last night I had a going away party for her. We had lots of yummy food and played tons of fun games like on of my new favorites "Run Wild". I'm glad we could all get together one last time and have such a fun time before she left, wish Maren was there though. I love you Kylee and I'll miss you so much! Thanks for being the awesome, generous, kind, helpful sister that you are! Drive safe and come home soon. 
Nate and Angela gave us a fun new game for Christmas and we decided to play it.  It's one of the funnest games I've played or watched being played.You've got to try it!! Who's up for a game night? They renamed the game Dodgehead which is more fitting, the main game you play with it is throwing the balls at the head of the person wearing the velcro hat. We played a version that's in the instructions and then made up our own which was super fun!
I've found it on Amazon if you want to check it out.

Here are some pics of the kids playing the version the game came with. You blindfold the player and put the velcro hat on their head then you time them while their team shouts directions of where to go to find the balls the other team hid on the floor.

 Kendyl (who just got her tonsils out yesterday, she didn't play much at all)
 Cameron, he was the winner with 43 seconds.

We made up our own version where 2 of us are blindfolded and try to race to get the most amount of balls, this is the first race, it's between Carrie and Kylee! Maybe you had to be there to think these are funny, maybe not. I'm still laughing!!! Oh and before I'm disowned as a sister, let me remind all my sisters before you say you're disowning me that you knew I was recording for my blog. :D

Here is a movie I made from all of it, after this video are the individual videos if you want to watch them. Sorry they're so dark.

This next video is Tina and I racing each other. That is so hard to hear, there's so much noise going on. Notice my hair got stuck all over the Velcro? That hurt a little.

Kylee and Tina and a lot of that wasn't fair! Even though grandma was blocking Kylee's way with her leg at the end.
Tina and Kylee again, they had to have a rematch!
Carrie and I, and for the record I did not! Oh and I kept slapping her butt because I didn't think I had hit it the first time, I thought I was slapping her leg. Man, I'm not good at this, I can't hear anything. I lost every time! My hair doesn't want to stay out of the velcro either.
Kylee and Carrie, with "Rocky" playing in the background. Definitely some MORE cheating going on!

Carrie and Kylee rematch. Someone, I think my mom was yelling "over there, over there", mom they can't see!

Kylee and Carrie again, best out of 3. Kylee won! Kylee pretty much rocked! I was a little scared for my piano and piano bench though. Man they're all fast, I felt so slow, I'll have to practice with my kids before I play with them again. Then again I never cheated!
Kylee and I and I soooo had that one! Even though I suck I didn't want to stop playing this game but people had to leave so we wanted to play another game. It was a fun night!
Happy New Years Eve everyone!

Skylar's surgery...Recovery, Day 12

 Well, I think she's pretty much back to normal other than not eating much and still really clingy. She's drinking really well and only needed medicine once today. She played really good and slept through the night again. I'll post again if something else happens or after her Dr. appointment.

Easy Bake Oven Pretzels

Levi got an Easy Bake Oven from Kylee, Grandma and Grandpa for an early birthday present because Kylee is moving to North Carolina. He was so excited because he loves to cook! He didn't even care that it was purple! So today he made pretzels with it and I got to try some! They're really good, now I want to play with it and I don't like to cook! Hopefully some day Levi will be my permanent least till he moves out!
 Mixing up the pretzels.
 Skylar likes it too!
 Putting some in the oven. They've got it designed so you can't really get burned.
  Landon would rather play with guns!
Mmmm cheese sauce!

 Levi made a hersheys kiss pretzel and a Jonah made a doughnut pretzel.
 Jonah trying it out.
 You're almost there.

 Tasting the tiny pretzel. It's good!
 Levi had to make a snake pretzel next.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Skylar's surgery...Recovery, Day 11

I think this is finally coming to an end. Today she still didn't eat much but she drank a lot better and her throat didn't seem to hurt as much. She wanted to be held a lot today still but luckily her cousins Landon and Ashlynn were here to distract her a little so she didn't beg to be held too much till after about 7 which was good because today was a really busy day. She was so happy today, pretty much her normal self except for not eating much. YAY! Oh ya and she slept all night last night in her own bed, didn't wake up once!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Skylar's surgery...Recovery, Day 10

 Same thing today, not eating or drinking much and not wanting her medicine. Tonight she ate a little better than the rest of the day. I really need to get her drinking more, by 2:30 her diaper from this morning was still dry so she's definitely not getting enough fluids. She won't eat popsicles or anything like that at all anymore. We've got to be nearing the end right? I guess I need to edit this and mention that she was much happier and way less bossy today. The strange odor on her breath is not as bad either. She's finally not constipated but has diarrhea now.


Tonight I swam in Springville pool with my scouts. I've been there a couple time with Kerby's scouts but never swam in the pool. I have to say it was much cleaner than other times I've been there, still I think it needs a remodel and could be much cleaner. It was lots of fun, I even got my friend Kim who's my new Scout assistant to go swimming (she doesn't know how) and she had a great time! It took a while to get all 7 boys passed off on everything but we did it and we all lived through it!! Here are some pics of Levi going off the diving board.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sand Art Bottles

Today we made sand bottles from a kit I got Levi for Christmas. The kit was something I bought at a day after Halloween sale at Walmart for $2.50, it was the last one there and now I'm really wishing there were more. This was so fun and the kids had a blast! I'll have to find some more somewhere.
The kids still wearing their Christmas pajamas, I can hardly get them to take them off!