Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Today I think I captured (as best I could) the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. It was even better than sunsets I'd seen in Hawaii when we were there last April. Although the whole time we were there the sky was full of rain clouds, until the last day when we were on the wrong side of the island. :) Anyways, this sunset tonight was so pretty. Heavenly Father's glorious work just keeps getting more and more breathtaking. What a peaceful way to end the day. I love a good sunset and I love even more when I can take a picture of it. It's times like this when I wish I had a really good camera. Carrie, I just may have to come and take yours off your hands for you! ;)
These pictures were taken from the side of my house.
 These were taken in front of Dairy Queen. I wish I had driven over there 5 minutes sooner. Still amazing though!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lauren's Bridal Shower

Today at work we had a bridal shower for Lauren. It was a fun little shower, and I think Lauren had a good time and enjoyed her gifts and games and food!
 Playing a few minute to win it games. This one we're blowing up balloons and pushing cups off the table/counter with the air.
 This one you have to get the cookie into your mouth from your forehead! So funny!
 I think I fell asleep! ;)
 This one two people each empty a tissue box and whoever does it first wins.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Tonight Tina and I watched the movie Chronicle. I hadn't heard of it and what little I did read about it made it sound like a good movie so I rented it. First of all there's lots of swearing and second it's weird, interesting but weird, very weird. It's about three teenage boys who gain super powers. I don't like how the movie turned from a fun, exciting movie to dark and screwed up. It was sad and I really felt bad for one of the boys. After lots of bad things happening it did end on a good note.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Shake N' Bake Rabbit

Tonight Kerby cooked rabbit with Shake N' Bake and it was really good, had a great flavor. He used pork shake n bake and cooked it on 375 for 30 minutes then flipped them over and cooked it for 25 minutes.  It was a very tasty dish, I'll have to do that some more. Thanks for making dinner Kerby!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Today we went to Trafalga in Lehi and as always we have a fun time there. Also as always it was really hot...inside. At least always in the summer. It was so hot and muggy in there that the bathroom smelled like a port-a-potty. We go to Trafalga instead of 7-Peaks because we want to be out of the heat. It's sad to say but I don't see myself getting the passes again next year. After 3 years of getting them and going to Trafalga in Lehi it is still way too hot in the building and the roller coaster still does not run. That place is always so busy, surely could have had these things fixed by now. They tell us every year that the roller coaster will be up and running as soon as it has it's maintenance.  Ok, enough complaining to you, I need to give the manager a call or write a letter. Here are a few pics.
Levi rock climbing.
 Fisher just got done rock climbing.
 All the kids waiting in line for the boat ride.
 Oliver and Landon touching the world!
 Finally our turn!
Love the tongue sticking out!
 I guess I was pretty determined in this picture.
 Getting sprayed in the back of the head.
 Just a little wet! Seriously, compared to last time I did this I'm hardly wet at all. Last time some teenage boys drenched me!
 Skylar looks scared in all these pictures. I knew she would be but she really wanted to do it. I can tell she's trying not to show that she's scared though.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hair Stylist Skylar

I had the opportunity to have my hair done by Skylar.  She was so excited to do it and had a fun time. She kept giggling the whole time she was doing it. It was pretty cute. I see a great future for her. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day

Today we did lots of fun things, it was a fun, long, exhausting day. First we went to the Spanish Fork parade. This was only our second time going to it and it is sure a long parade. The kids really enjoyed it though, ok I did too. Some of the floats were pretty cool to see, as well as some of the things they did.
After the parade we went to the carnival for a little bit. Here are Landon and Skylar on the marry-go-round.
Collette and Gage on the Farris wheel.
Levi and Jonah.
Kendyl and Fisher.
 Here's Fisher on a really fast ride where you end up going almost sideways in the air. As you can see Fisher really enjoyed it. I really thought he's be scared!
 Here's his smile better in this one.
Here are Levi and Jonah on it, sitting behind Fisher. The picture is blurry but you can tell they're liking it.

 Here is where the ride switched directions. They're starting to look a little sick.
 Here they are when they ride is stopping, looking really sick! Fisher looked sick too and like he was ready to get off but I accidentally deleted the picture from my camera.
Kendyl, Gage, Landon and Skylar riding the boats.
Here's Levi going into another fast spinning ride. I remember being able to ride these things, now I get a little sick all day just from watching for a moment.
 Fisher wanted to do this one too.
 There go Skylar, Collette and Gage. Jonah raced in their too.

After the carnival we went to see Chipwrecked at the Spanish Fork theater, my family had already seen it but the other families hadn't yet and it was only $1 so we went and saw it again. While driving there I tell the kids I'm rolling up the windows. Right before it got rolled up Jonah tried sticking his head out the window to throw up. Well, it ended up all over my car, on the window, inside the door handle, and the seat and on Jonah. I felt really bad but also about threw up myself after seeing it!!!

After the movie some went back to the carnival and we went shopping for the bbq. Then we went to Tina's house for the bbq and the kids swam and jumped on the tramp again.
Then we went and watched the fun fire works. 

 After a little bit Skylar and I moved and sat on the hood of the tahoe. She fell asleep and I took a few pictures. I had had my kindle with me because we were waiting so long for the rodeo to get over.
 After the fireworks I buckled Skylar in her seat belt and told everyone to hurry and get in the car so we could beat a lot of the traffic. Well, right after I spoke those words the sprinklers came on!!!!!!! That's the fastest I've ever seen my family get up. It was so funny! 
Well, about halfway home I realized I didn't have my kindle with me. So I searched all over in the car and couldn't find it. I told Kerby I thought I had left it on the grass or the hood. He looks onto the hood (I was in another car driving home) and sure enough, there's my kindle on the hood of the tahoe. Guess where Kerby was? On I-15!!!!! So, he slows down a little bit and drives a couple miles to the next exit because there was no where else to pull over. Luckily and miraculously the kindle did not fall off after all that driving! I was so upset with myself for leaving it behind. Someone sure is looking out for me. :)