Friday, October 12, 2012


Today my booth had some major trouble at the Country Farm Fest I was at. Stuff blew over and got rained on and everything was just a huge mess, including me! I had my paparazzi set up for about 30 minutes then this huge storm ripped through. We found out it would last most the day, it did seem to be pretty clear the last third of the day, but still windy and all my stuff was soaked anyways. I guess I should have just gone to work today. :) Tomorrow WILL be better! It has to be!
If it weren't for the pony man Ty I would have been in major trouble! With his help we got everything taken down really fast, even stuff blowing around! Our fingers were so numb by the time we were done, I would have had a really hard time doing that alone. Thank you Ty, you're are one of the kindest people I've ever met! Ty has helped me both days whenever I've had problems, he's helped everyone!
In fact, this is Ty right here, I love his awesome curly mustache! Fisher and Skylar saw how much he'd been helping me and decided they wanted to spend their own money to ride his ponies even though I'll be paying for them to go tomorrow!
 Love that smile! They sure had a fun time!
 Priceless face on Skylar!
They're checking out the squealing pigs!

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