Friday, October 19, 2012

Country Farm Fest

 I know I'm behind on my daily dose, I will catch up and let you all know what I've been up to this crazy week. :) This one is for last Saturday. I have a paparazzi booth at the Country Farm Fest in Payson and on this day Kerby and the kids along with Collette and Gage spent a few hours there. They had a great time and want to go back every day I'm there.
 Here's everyone on the hay ride, we're headed to go pick out pumpkins.
 Skylar's first hay ride...that she remembers.
 Fisher making silly faces.
 Fisher and Gage just chillin' watching the tractor move along.
 Skylar picked a little tiny pumpkin because she loved the green part. Fisher got a good sized one.
 Levi could barely carry his.
 Kadin could barely carry his too. He had to find the biggest one left.
All of us with our pumpkins, I even got one bigger than I should have gotten.
 Time for the petting zoo. Sorry to keep the details so short but I'm going on 2 1/2 hrs of sleep in 38 hrs. They had a lot of fun petting all the animals.
 Skylar loved this little white chicken and didn't want to put it down.
 Fisher, always posing. :) Actually all my boys are like that.
 Kadin with a little black chicken.
 Collette petting the 4 day old calf.
 Skylar with the little black chicken, which she didn't put down the rest of the time while in there.
 Levi's turn to pet the little calf.
 Now the pigs.
 Kadin with the awesome duck that just let the kids hold it with no wiggling to get away or anything.
 Levi's got the pig squealing now.
 Gage on the pony ride with my new friend Ty, a super nice man who's been right there to help any time I had problems from wind or rain with my booth. He's also really nice because he bought some of the paparazzi jewelry for his wife. :)
 Skylar on the pony. She didn't like that it's hair had to be in his eyes. She wanted to brush it and braid it.
 Fisher on one.
 Trying it with no hands.
 Levi's turn now.
 Kadin too, he's getting old enough this isn't super fun for him anymore. :(
 These huge turkeys were letting the kids pet them and Skylar really like the white one.
 Gage on the trampoline bungee thing.
 Kadin doing a front flip, then a back flip.
 He spent his own money on this ride and after he was done he said, "that was the best $4 I've ever spent in my life!" Apparently he loved it!
 Well after that all the kids had to try it. Here's Skylar doing a flip with the mans help.
 A little bit scared with she got that high.
 Fisher doing a flip now.
 He was getting super high and absolutely loved it!!!
 Now the man's helping him swing out, he loved it too.
 Levi's turn, super high too.
 He's doing a flip too and was really good at doing them. He almost was able to do 2 but not quite.
 Swinging out.
 Time for the maze.
 Skylar can't even see over the hay bales.
 She's trying so hard to see her way through. :)
 Fisher made it out first.
It was a fun time, one more day left! Everyone come out tomorrow. I'll finish the rest of my daily doses this coming week hopefully. :)


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