Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bonneville Salt Flats

We came to Nevada for Thanksgiving this year, we travel past the Bonneville Salt Flats about once a year and we always stop at the rest stop but have never walked onto the salt flats. So, this year we decided to. It was really cool to walk on all that salt!
I set the camera to take a picture after 10 seconds and hurried and ran over to be in the pic. The kids played around for a little bit, had fun holding some salt and throwing rocks. When we got there someone was playing football on it, maybe we'll do that our next trip!

I wonder how many grains of salt are just in my hand?

I cheated! Someone had spelled Christina with the rocks and I changed it to Kristi! Is that mean?

Unfortunately the foot wash was turned off so it wouldn't freeze.

They go on for miles and miles.

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  1. We stopped there once was pretty cool! We actually did bring a baseball and gloves...Mark and Nate played catch:)