Sunday, November 13, 2011

Locked out!

I probably should make this a post that will happen often, because it does happen often! Today we had stake conference, so instead of driving across town to go to church we decided to walk to the church that's 50 yards from our house. Well guess what I did? I locked the door assuming Kerby had the key, he did not have the key, so we were locked out!!! After church we were able to get in trying many different ways, and no I won't tell you how we did it!
Now it's time to make some mini pumpkin pies mmmmmmmmm before I have to bring Audrey her awesome Demarle at Home pan back, LOVE those pans/molds!!! If you don't own any, you should (Contact Lenae Morrill


  1. That sounds like you! Do I get pie?

  2. We lock our selves out a LOT! But we got a key pad to put on our door so now if we forget the key all we need is the combination. It's saved us many a time!