Thursday, November 17, 2011

FINALLY tried the leaf blower

Ok so I'm going to be trying something new every day. You never know what it will be so check in daily to find out!
Today I decided to use our Toro Rack Vac we bought from Home Depot 2 years ago. We have actually never tried it. I put it together one day and couldn't find the extension cord to plug it in. So it's been collecting dust in our shed ever since. I had a lot of fun with it!! It works pretty good, the only bad part was the extension cord. I couldn't reach my whole front yard so made 2 different huge piles. Oh ya and it was loud, but why wouldn't it be? Also it was pretty windy today so the leaves decided to blow wherever they wanted sometimes. All in all I think it was a good experience and I plan to use it all the time. I didn't try out the mulcher part yet, maybe that will be a post for another day. Fisher enjoyed trying it too and then Fisher and Skylar had a blast playing in the huge pile of leaves! Hmm, what new thing should I try tomorrow?

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