Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brown Sugar Ham

I decided I should be sharing some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes. This is by far the best ham I've ever tasted, if you have had better please tell me because I'd like to try it.

A Ham (I get precooked so it will end up more flavorful and moist)
1 to 2 lbs of Brown Sugar
1 2-liter of Sprite

Thaw the ham before hand. In a large crock pot or roasting pan mix together the brown sugar (I use almost a full 2 lbs because I buy the big hams) and a little of the sprite. place the ham inside and poor in sprite until the crock pot is almost full. Cook on low all day or night. Shred/cut and serve. We like to put a little of the juice onto our plates over the ham.

I wish I had a pic but I don't, I will post one after I make it for Thanksgiving. Just trust me that it's yummy!

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