Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Napkin Holders

Today the kids and I made turkey napkin holders. This was really fun and easy. Maybe we'll have all the kids on the farm in Nevada make them when we go for Thanksgiving.

Here we are with our turkeys!

These are the items you'll need, scissors, glue stick, brown, red and yellow paper, wiggly eyes and a Thanksgiving napkin.
Cut a strip from the brown paper, cut a neck and head from the red and a beak from the yellow.

Glue the eyes and beak onto the neck

For the body make a small circle about an inch around with your brown strip of paper

Glue the head onto the body

Fold your napkin like a fan, fold up the bottom a little (I actually ripped the bottom of the napkin a little bit and folded both sides up so the feathers weren't leaning to one side)

Place the napkin inside your round circle. Cute huh?

Kids having fun making their turkeys!

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  1. I've been trying this morning to load the video for 1 1/2 hours. Guess there won't be a video.