Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunt

Today we went and cut down our Christmas tree. This is a tradition we've had since we got married, we've never missed a year! Today I by some miracle was the one who found the "perfect" tree, and I cut it down too. We always have a ton of fun finding our tree. This year we were with cousins. There were lots of good choices in the area so we didn't have to search long. Out of all the trees we've cut down I've never been the one to cut the tree down, so today I decided I wanted to do it!
We just put the tree on top of the Tahoe until we got back to Gramps' truck and I sat on the door out the window and held it on. The kids thought that was pretty funny. Everyone (but me) had hot chocolate afterward and left over turkey sandwiches, then some went searching for pine nuts; but I didn't get a pic of any of that because my battery died.
This first pic is of Skylar, Kadin and Kale while driving to the tree hunting spot.

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  1. you guys are such a cute family!!!! Looks like you all had fun! :)