Thursday, July 26, 2012


Today we went to Trafalga in Lehi and as always we have a fun time there. Also as always it was really hot...inside. At least always in the summer. It was so hot and muggy in there that the bathroom smelled like a port-a-potty. We go to Trafalga instead of 7-Peaks because we want to be out of the heat. It's sad to say but I don't see myself getting the passes again next year. After 3 years of getting them and going to Trafalga in Lehi it is still way too hot in the building and the roller coaster still does not run. That place is always so busy, surely could have had these things fixed by now. They tell us every year that the roller coaster will be up and running as soon as it has it's maintenance.  Ok, enough complaining to you, I need to give the manager a call or write a letter. Here are a few pics.
Levi rock climbing.
 Fisher just got done rock climbing.
 All the kids waiting in line for the boat ride.
 Oliver and Landon touching the world!
 Finally our turn!
Love the tongue sticking out!
 I guess I was pretty determined in this picture.
 Getting sprayed in the back of the head.
 Just a little wet! Seriously, compared to last time I did this I'm hardly wet at all. Last time some teenage boys drenched me!
 Skylar looks scared in all these pictures. I knew she would be but she really wanted to do it. I can tell she's trying not to show that she's scared though.


  1. Oh, I didn't know you guys went again. When did you go? Sorry I missed it. Looks like you had fun!

    1. We went on July 26th mom and it was fun!!