Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Birthday

Today was my birthday and it was a pretty fun day. I cleaned a lot then we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Hunan City in Payson. Then we went and saw Marvel's The Avengers. What a great movie!! We all really enjoyed it and we almost had the theater all to ourselves. I think they did a great job on everything. Levi is now a huge fan of The Hulk. I think I'll even buy this movie when it comes out, I don't buy many. I was sad though that there weren't more super heroes in it. Like Batman, Spider Man, Super Man, Wolverine, Wonder Women and so many others. But I guess they all can't still be alive right? Maybe in the next movie there will be more of them. I loved the very end after the credits and I'm so excited to see the second one.
We haven't even seen Thor or Captain America but now we really want to.
I've been using my Kindle Fire I got for my birthday like crazy and really enjoy it!

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