Thursday, July 12, 2012

Don't Disturb The Bees

Bees really need a sign by there nest that says, "Don't disturb the bees." Wouldn't that be nice!!! At Salem Pond Kadin stepped on a bees nest by the edge of the pond. He was stung 4 times, once on his back, once on the front of his thigh and 2 on the back of his upper thigh. The bees had flown up his shorts and shirt. He ran around screaming and panicking until Kerby was able to calm him down. Did you know that when you don't react to a bee sting you have hardly any reaction to it? If you have a panicked reaction and freak out, your blood starts pumping harder making the stings hurt more and have a much worse reaction. Also did you know that when you get stung you should just stick mud on it? It helps so much with the pain and reaction. Kadin's leg is pretty swollen but he's obviously not allergic to them. Hopefully this doesn't make him allergic. Levi when he gets one sting he swells up huge. I gave Kadin some Benadryl, hopefully it helps.

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  1. Poor Kadin, bee stings hurt. Thanks for the tip, I didn't know that about bee stings. Hopefully I will remember next time I get stung. Hopefully, I don't ever need to remember it.