Friday, July 20, 2012

Brave At The Drive-In

We just got home from watching Brave at the Drive-In theater in Mount Pleasant. I am so sad I didn't bring a camera to take a few pics of everyone watching. It was a fun movie and a really fun place to watch it. The kids have never been to a drive-in theater and I think Kerby and I have only been once. The kids of course thought it was the coolest thing ever and want to watch lots of movies there. It really wasn't that far away for us either, I think it only took about 40-45 minutes to get there. That was worth it and the prices were a little bit less than the regular theaters. Will we go there every time we have a movie? No. It sure was fun though.
Brave was a super cute movie, and not exactly how I thought it would be either. It reminded of Brother Bear a lot but was different enough that it was still a great movie. I loved her curly red hair, and her three little brothers. I think the only part I didn't like was the part where it shows the maid put the key into her breasts and one of the little boys falling in face first to grab the key. Why does that need to be in there? It really didn't need to be there. What's happening to you Disney?
Overall I did really like the movie and the plot!

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