Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rabbit Legs, Buffalo Style

My father in-law raises rabbits and they gave us a lot so we've been experimenting. So, you may see lots of rabbit posts in the weeks to come. Anyways Kerby really wanted to try them buffalo style (they really do taste like chicken) so we did. It was pretty good, Kerby loved them. The kids even liked them, but most of us preferred it without the hot sauce.
 We breaded it first with this Hooters breading. We found it at Walmart and decided to try it, it works really good. Then we deep fried them on 350 for about 9 minutes.
 Then we just had this Frank's RedHot kickin' BBQ in a bowl and put the rabbit in. Then pulled it out and dipped it in ranch. It was good, I'd eat it again. I think I'd prefer trying a different kind of bbq sauce though.


  1. Sounds really good, I will be over after work for dinner!