Monday, July 23, 2012

Dresser and Dryer

Today we got some super fun things given to us. My mom gave me this way cute antique dresser for Skylar to have in her room. Skylar had no dresser. We hung up all her shirts and dresses and everything else was stored on a very small white rack thingy. So, this was so needed and I'm excited to have it. Skylar is excited too! As soon as I got home from work she came up to me, put her hands on her hips and said "I want to wear my dress!" I said, "what dress?" She folded her arms and stomped into her bedroom and pointed to the dresser and said again, "I want to wear my dress." I explained to her that it's called a dresser and she needed to put her clothes in it. Then she said, "mom, let's put all my clothes in it. So, we did and she loved every minute of it! Thanks mom, she's so excited!! I love it, it's super cute! I'm trying to decide if I should refinish it, or just leave it as it is.

Also we were given a dryer. Michael's nephew (I think) was moving out of their house and the farm was having a new dryer put in for the new renters and they gave us the old dryer. Our dryer still works...sometimes. We have to latch it so the door stays closed and sometimes it doesn't start and sometimes it doesn't heat up. For the most part it still works though. But we were happy to accept a new dryer with no problems because we just don't know when the other one will finally give out. We haven't put it in yet but will soon. Thanks Michael and Loren for the dryer, it will be used a lot!!

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