Monday, July 16, 2012

Skylar At The Dentist

 Skylar had her first dental check up today and she did so good! Here she is getting x-rays. Everything they asked her to do she did without hesitation.
She loved the big cow chair.
 Here she is getting ready to have her teeth cleaned. She's tipping her head back so she can watch the movie on the ceiling. The tech started moving the chair back but she was too impatient. Then when he got it all the way back she stayed this way until I went and straightened her head. It was so funny!
 Here she is watching the "loovie" (that's how Skylar says it). Looking pretty stylish! Actually none of it lasted very long. She took the sunglasses and headphones off within a minute of having them on.
 Saying cheese! So, she had one small cavity on a back, upper tooth. We're really happy because we haven't been very good at helping her brush her teeth. We thought she'd have lots of cavities. Guess this is our second chance to do better with her teeth. Man I hope she has Kerby's genes as far as teeth go. Fisher too, I already know Kadin and Levi have my teeth genes...poor kids!
Skylar loved the dentist, which makes me so happy. All my kids like the dentist, I completely dislike it so I'm so glad they like it.
 And I just had to throw this in here. Tonight she sneaked out of bed, grabbed a box of Pringles, laid down on the floor and started eating them. Well, then she fell asleep with one in her hand. I walked in the room with it still in her hand then watched it drop out of her hand onto her cheek.


  1. Such a cute kid. Good thing she's not afraid of her dentist. Nice on kiddie!

  2. This reminds me of something I heard on the radio a few days ago. It seems that many dentists are learning their techniques for putting children to sleep to do dental work at conventions, in hotels. And because of this many children are dying when they are put to sleep by their dentists because they have not been properly trained. I just wanted to share so everyone can make sure their dentist is properly qualified to put your child to sleep and was not trained in a 30 minute session in a hotel room.