Tuesday, July 17, 2012

State Baseball

Kadin's baseball team made it to State this year and today he had his first two games. He for sure has one more tomorrow but hopefully he'll have more. Today they played the Spanish Fork Phillies and won 16-0. Then they played the Mapleton Yankees and lost 6-2. There was still 25 seconds left in the game and in the rules it says that if there is any time left at all at the end of an inning then they do another inning, unless they've already played all six innings. They had only played 4 so the ump shouldn't have called it a game. Who knows what will happen there but the boys really had a great time today. Kadin's had an awesome coach this year and has really learned a lot and enjoyed it a lot. Every boy on his team has been great too, no one is unkind to any of the team mates, they all cheer for each other too. It's been a fun baseball season. And yes, I still need to post the pics I have of some of all my boys games. Here are a few from today's games.

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