Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last Hit

Today Kadin played his last baseball game of the season. He played his 3rd State game and they lost 0-13. It was a fun game to watch but a sad one. Even after losing the team was still upbeat and happy (for the most part). They played Moab and they were very good at getting players out at first base and the pitcher was really good too. I still say Kadin had an awesome team, they played awesome and always had good attitudes. They were never rude to another team mate, or anyone from another team. They always showed very good sportsman ship. This year Kadin learned a lot about baseball, his coach was really good and knew each boy very well and how to motivate each one of them. It was a great year for baseball! Way to go Santaquin Red's!
Kadin was the last one to hit the ball on his team. He wasn't last up to bat but last to hit the ball. He thought that was pretty exciting! Here's a pic of him right after he hit the ball.


  1. Great job Kadin, I really wanted to see you play. Hopefully, I can next year.

    1. Thanks mom! Hopefully he'll get to go to State again next year.