Saturday, July 14, 2012


Today we spent the day helping my parents move. Initially we went to do a yard sale at their house for them but we thought it was going to rain so didn't do the yard sale. It didn't start raining until 11 or so, so we could have done a yard sale for a while. Oh well, at least we were able to help them move. They're moving from Mapleton to Fountain Green, and into a smaller house. I have no idea how they're going to fit everything and they've gotten rid of so much already. Good luck mom and dad, I don't envy you trying to fit over 35 (married) years of stuff into a smaller house. Oh, by the way, you still need to get rid of more stuff. ;) It will work out just fine!!


  1. I totally thought you were announcing you were moving...I was getting sad. Glad you're not moving.

  2. We really appreciated Kristi and Kerby's help. We couldn't have done it without them. THANK YOU!!!!