Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Levi's Track Meet

 Today Levi had his first track meet. He did really good. 
Here is is waiting for his turn in the 50 meter.
 Finally, it's his turn and there are only 4 left.

He took 3rd place in his heat, I know there were only 4 boys but he was far enough ahead of the 4th I think he still would have done great!
Here he is waiting for the 400 meter.
 Just about ready to go. He got to go in the first heat for this one.
He took 11th place out of 21. I think he would have done better but Kadin and I had been telling him to pace himself and then run his fastest with about 50 meters left. So, that's what he did. BUT by the time he got to 50 meters there were boys close to the finish line. He did pass up a lot of boys though, I think he just ran too slow in the beginning.  At one point he was in 4th place. Kadin and Levi both want to keep running so I think we'll have to practice that strategy before they race again. They both really enjoy it!
Enjoy my very professional video!!!
Great job Levi! Oh in the softball throw he said he threw pretty far but not far enough for a flag (I didn't see it).

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