Monday, May 21, 2012

Free Glasses

Today I ordered a free pair of glasses from They're offering this deal until May 31st. Just choose your glasses and any upgrades you want and enter coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE. You pay for any upgrades and shipping. So, I got $199 pair of glasses for only $24 with upgrades (you don't have to get upgrades) and shipping. I suggest you do the try on view AND the product view because I only did the try on view and got a pair that I thought were brown and white but after I ordered I went and looked at the product view and they are brown and blue. It's ok though I like blue too so I'm ok with them. I'm super excited because I haven't owned a pair of glasses since 2 years after I got married so it's been 10 years since I owned a pair, even then those glasses were 5 years old. I've just always had contacts. This will be so nice to have glasses again when I get out of bed or drive or my eyes are bothering me. My eyes are pretty bad -6.5 on the left and -6 on the right so I like to put my contacts in right when I get out of bed but if there's something going on in the middle of the night it's really annoying to have everything be so blurry. Hey, at least I can see right? Go and order your free pair today!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I just ordered mine today.