Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Carpet Stain

Today Skylar took some Ravioli into the front room (they're not aloud to have food in there). She sat it on the piano bench then left the room. Mia (our dog) knocked the bowl down and spilled the ravioli onto the carpet. So, I cleaned up the ravioli then sprayed the stain to clean it up.
 I sprayed the left half with Resolve Spray N Wash and the right half with Oxy-Fast Stain & Odor Remover. Then I let it sit for a couple hours.
 The Resolve Spray N Wash took out it's portion of the stain. The Oxy-Fast took out part of it.
 I decided to see if Totally Awesome would get ride of the rest and it pretty much did. You can barely see it here, now that it's dry I can't see the stain at all. Spray N Wash, you ROCK! Totally Awesome, you're pretty awesome!


  1. Bring it on over to my house, I have plenty of stains you can practice on!!

  2. Ravioli is one of my favorite dishes, but I certainly don’t want it staining my carpet! Food sauces and stains are carpets’ no. 1 enemy. Some stains are so hard to clean, they leave spots on the rug. But I think you got that area covered. Your cleaning solution definitely does wonders on your carpet. Like magic, the stains disappear in an instant!