Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Fisher's mole next to my pinky finger.
Today I took Fisher into the Dermatologist to have a mole on the inside of his thigh looked at. He said he's pretty sure it's benign but can't be 100% sure without testing it. So, he removed it so they could do a biopsy. He was so brave during the shot and removal. While the nurse gave him the shot he just squeezed his fists tight and tensed up but never cried. The doctor said he sure was a tough kid and that last week they almost had to sit on a 13 year old who wouldn't let them give him the shot. Fisher, you're pretty tough for a 5 year old. Then when he removed it he tensed up at times too so I could tell it was still hurting. They take a razor blade type thing and just scrape it off. Once again he didn't cry and the doctor started calling him Mr. Tough Guy. Afterward him and Skylar got to pick a prize. The bucket was full of toys and what do my kids pick? Suckers! Little tiny suckers over cool little long lasting toys! Crazy kids! Ok, maybe they take after their mother!!!
Anyways, as we were leaving Fisher says, "The shot hurt mom and I almost cried but then I thought of something happy and then I almost laughed. Then the cutter hurt too even though he said it wouldn't but it's ok because I'm Mr. Tough Guy. Oh and a second ago it was stinging, stinging, stinging but now it tickles and I want to scratch it, that's funny that it tickles huh mom? It went from hurt to tickle."
What a cute little boy I have, it's so fun to watch my kids grow up. So, we're praying that it's benign. We have history of skin cancer on both sides of the family so we try to be extra careful, especially since my kids are outside so often.

The mole was not cancerous!

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