Friday, May 11, 2012

Kadin's Piano Recital

Tonight Kadin had another piano recital and he did great! He was a little sad because he messed up a few times but I'm so proud of him. He had changed his recital songs a few times so didn't get as much practice in. Usually he memorizes them but didn't this time but that's ok. I told him that it's ok if he uses his book.
Great job Kadin!
He got a medal for practicing 68 hrs the past year. Last year he got a trophy for 81 hours.
He won the Boomerang award! Because he always bounces back from not having enough practice and does better the next week.
After every persons turn Skylar would whisper that it was her turn. So, after it was all over she said, "ok it's MY turn." So, I let her go up. Then she got all shy because there were 4 or 5 teenage boys watching her play, it was pretty cute.

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