Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fisher's Kindergarten Graduation

Fisher had his Kindergarten graduation today which he was super excited for, but he wasn't excited that it was his last day of school. He loves school!! I just hope that continues once he's in school a full day instead of half. Fisher did awesome singing. He's such a sweet and kind heart-ed little boy and you can totally tell by watching him in everything he does. Ok, ALMOST everything. Not so much when he's teasing Skylar or having a potty mouth. I love you Fisher, you are so precious to me!

The program was longer than this but it takes forever to upload video so I decided to post my favorites.
A cute abc song.
Ok these are taking way too long, I'll just have to skip to the graduation ceremony part which I was lucky to get because my battery kept dying because our charger broke. Tomorrow I'll try and add some more videos.
Congratulations Fisher! We love you!!

Here is is with his teacher Mrs Esquerra and Grandma her helper.

Here he is just about to leave the school till next school year.

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