Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tupperware Breakfast Maker & Detox Day 3

This morning when I weighed again from doing the Detox I hadn't lost anymore weight but Kerby lost 4 lbs, so he's lost 5 and I've lost 3. I found out from my sister Carrie that we weren't eating things at the right times. Kerby's done with the detox but knowing this info he may do it again in a week or two. The way he was doing it he wasn't getting enough protein so his muscles were feeling week. I've been feeling great today and yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow there will be more weight loss, today I ate more veggies. Here's the rundown...
For breakfast eat a lot of protein, it should be the most you eat in the day.
1 or 2 hours after, eat an orange.
1 or 2 hours after, eat lunch, it should be more protein.
1 or 2 hours after, eat an orange.
For Kerby since he eats breakfast at 5:50 a.m. and lunch at 10 a.m. he should be eating more protein a couple hours after the second orange.
Then eat more protein for dinner.
Eat raw green vegetables (no peas) throughout the day.
This morning I used my new Breakfast Maker from Tupperware to make this yummy omelet and it was really good. I made what they show in the video below, only I just used green peppers, cucumbers, some chicken from last night and eggs and water. It was so fast, I just quickly cut up the stuff and only had to cook it for 2 minutes on high.

Detox Day 2

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