Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Fridge

Today I got a new fridge! YAY!!!! Last night we discovered our fridge wasn't working, things had been getting warmer in there but we figured maybe the kids had just turned the fridge down so we just turned it up higher. Apparently it was just broken! I am very fortunate to have generous in-laws because they all bought us a new fridge!!! How awesome is that? Now I have a fridge that matches my kitchen instead of the old yellow kind. I'm sooooooooo excited! Thank you so much to all of Kerby's family!
Our yucky old fridge!
 Our lovely new fridge just about to come off the truck, thanks for letting us borrow the truck dad.
 It appears our old fridge has been trying to burn a hole in our floor!
 The fridge door.
 Inside the fridge. Happy sigh...
 Freezer door.
 Inside freezer and fridge, I have more room than before!
 I can control the temperature without reaching in all the way, it's just right in front.
 Awe it looks beautiful and like it belongs. :)
 Digital ice and water dispenser.
Happy Day!!!!!

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