Friday, June 29, 2012


Well today I had to meet someone at Flying Jay in Springville to purchase something from KSL and I actually needed some gas. So, I was in line, the very long line, to get gas and decided to just go to my next destination to gas up. I figured the fuel light wasn't on yet and I'd be able to get better gas anyways. Well, I was on the freeway halfway between the 2 Springville exits when I could feel that I had run out of gas!!!!! OH NO!!! Oops, the fuel light is on the opposite side from where I was looking. I tried coasting as far as I could but Nancy pointed out that even if I were able to coast very far that the off ramp (my next destination) was up hill and that there's no way it would work. Grrrrr! So, I was able to coast onto the off ramp and pull over into a construction area. I debated walking to the Conoco that was only a couple blocks away and figured I could climb the fence but I ended up calling my sweet sister Collette who lives in Mapleton, knowing my dad would have some gas there. She came with a huge, heavy 5 gallon tank of gas and passed it to me over the fence from the frontage road. Then I hauled it over very awkwardly to my car and had to figure out how to attach the little hose thingy to the tank so I could pour it in. After help from Nancy lifting it up and us both getting gasoline on our hands...and feet we got it done. Some people even stopped to help which I love because that means there are still people willing to help out! Thanks so much Collette for driving over and rescuing me. Thanks Nancy for making me laugh about it and getting your hands dirty with me. :)

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  1. Yay Collette!! Glad she was able to help you.