Friday, June 8, 2012

Fisher's Birthday

Today after I got home from work we celebrated Fisher's birthday with Kerby's parents. Kerby also took all the kids fishing today, all day. Happy Birthday Fisher, I love you!
Turn your head to the left to watch. Haha! You'd think I'd know better than to do that by now. What was I thinking???
He wanted a chocolate cake and I didn't have time to make and decorate one today so I tried finding one at the store but they only had white so I got some cool cupcakes instead. He was pretty excited.
 Cool ninja swords from Gramps and Grammy.
 He also asked if he could have money for his birthday so I got a Reeses and cut a slit in the back under the part that folds over and hid some money in it. What a cutie though, when he thought all we gave him was a candy bar he didn't complain, he was genuinely excited!
 He had all the reeses out and still hadn't found it so I had to tell him to keep opening it.
 Then he was even more excited!
 Levi gave him a cool scented marker!
 Eating the Cow Pie from Gramps and Grammy! Which somehow ended up on my couch later on. How in the world did a cow get up there??
Time to play with everything.
 They've had a blast with them.
Then we watched Kung Fu Panda 2 which we had already seen in the theater and I totally forgot about it.


  1. I think that was a really cute birthday cake!! Happy Birthday Fisher!