Friday, June 1, 2012

Little Beautician

Well we have a little beautician in the house. Skylar decided to cut her hair!  The other day I singe my eyebrows and eyelashes, now this! I was mopping the floor and Levi was watching her and keeping her out of the kitchen while I mopped. She cut herself some bangs and didn't do a terrible job either.  I had just started thinking about getting her hair cut and wondered if I should have Caryl cut bangs but honestly was leaning toward no bangs. Well, I guess Skylar had other plans and now we're doing bangs. Now I just need to decided if the rest will just be a trim or a major cut. These decisions take me forever and she's coming tomorrow!
 "Uh-oh I guess I did something wrong."
 It's not too bad once I spread it out.

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