Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Better Reason To Fall In Love

I borrowed this book from Tina to read while traveling to Nevada and back. I didn't get much reading done but got to read yesterday and today after lots of cleaning was accomplished. Still so much to do too! I really love Marcia Lynn McClure's books. I haven't ever read one that I didn't like. She's one of my favorite authors and her books are one of my favorite style of books to read. This book was no exception. It was fabulous just like all her other books. All her books are clean romance (Julie, no smut but I think you'd still like her books) and very fun to read. I do enjoy reading her books more that take place in older times but her newer modern ones are really good too. You are a fabulous and very fun author Marcia Lynn McClure! I also like the names you use for your characters, in this case Jagger and Tabby. Here is the book description.
Tabby glanced up to see the sales and marketing analyst for the company, Jagger Brodie, walking-rather sauntering-toward the PR office. Without realizing it, a heavy sigh of something akin to longing escaped Tabby's lungs as she watched Jagger Brodie cross the main office space. He was entirely the most attractive man Tabby had ever known-not that she really knew him well, but she knew him well enough to know he was hot! Tall, dark, and handsome, Jagger Brodie looked as if he'd stepped directly out of some sort of trendy clothing store ad, only wearing a business suit instead of nothing but a pair of jeans. He had the deepest green eyes Tabby had ever seen, a flawlessly chiseled jawline, and ebony hair that alluringly beckoned to be combed with female fingers-Tabby's fingers. "Boom chicka wow wow!" Emmy whispered. "Absolutely!" Tabby breathed as she watched Jagger Brodie saunter past. She envied Jocelyn for a moment, knowing he was most likely on his way to drop something off on Jocelyn's desk or to speak with her. Jocelyn got to talk with Jagger almost every day, whereas Tabby was lucky if he dropped graphics changes off to her once a week. "Ba boom chicka wow wow!" Emmy whispered again. "He's sporting a red tie today. Ooo, the power tie! He must be feeling confident." Tabby smiled, amused and yet simultaneously amazed at Emmy's observation. She'd noticed the red tie too. "There's a big marketing meeting this afternoon," she told Emmy. "I heard he's presenting some hardnosed material." "Then that explains it," Emmy said, smiling. "Mr. Brodie's about to rock the company's world!" "He already rocks mine...every time he walks by," Tabby whispered.

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