Friday, June 15, 2012


Today with my family we celebrated 4 birthdays. Madison's, Gage's, Fisher's and Ben's. It was a fun night at Salem Pond. Everyone enjoyed some fishing, swimming (the kids), good food and fun visiting. Fisher was so excited to go to Salem Pond. We planned on bringing the aluminum boat but it was too windy. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of fish.
Madison opening her presents and loving all the hair feathers and jewelry she got.
 Gage's turn now and he got some pretty awesome stuff!
 Fisher's turn to be sung to. We're quite the singing crew!
His fishing cake he just had to have when he saw it at the store. I was happy to get it for him too since I have no idea how to decorate a real looking fish cake. So, I'll have to study up for next year.
 What a cute kid!
 He loved all his gifts, thank you everyone!
 Levi and Somer arm wrestling in the background (no I don't know who won).
 Now it's Ben's turn and he's shocked at what the present is inside because he thought the present was going to be what he got but Cameron tricked him into thinking it was something else. So, he was all excited that he knew what it was anyways, then it really ended up being what he initially thought it was.
It was good to see the Cather's and the Snow's there. Fisher and Sophia, just sitting and chatting while watching the sun set. Fisher's a little shy around Sophia because she's so cute! Sophia keeps telling Jenny that she's going to marry Fisher some day. That really would be neat and fun if that really happened. What a cute girl! They used to be in our ward about a year ago and they still remember each other.

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