Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shucking/Cooking Corn--Clean Ears Everytime

Have you seen this??? It's so coot! Thanks for sharing this with me mom, I finally got some corn and tried it. It really works too! I hate shucking corn because of all the hairs that you have to keep pulling off but this way you don't have to do that. So cool! Oh ya and it cooks the corn too!!!
Here are some pictures just in case your for some reason not able to watch his video.
Cook corn in the microwave on high for 4 minutes per ear of corn (so I did 12 minutes). I think with my microwave I can do a little bit less time, like maybe 15 or 30 seconds less per ear. ***EDIT*** We did this again but cooked 4 pieces for only 4 minutes and it was perfect. Then we cooked one separately for 4 minutes and it was perfect. So, it seems that at least with up two 4 pieces that 4 minutes total works just fine. NOT 4 minutes per ear.
 Remove from microwave with an oven mit.
 Cut off the end that doesn't show the hairs sticking out.
 Then lift it by the hairy end and shake the corn out of the leaves.
 All the hair is still inside the leaves! So cool!