Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great Grain Bakery Multigrain Bread With Flax Seed

Today I found this bread at Walmart and it was only $1.66 (for real) and I think that's really good for this type of bread. It's pretty good too, I wish it had more sunflower seeds in it because I love that but for $1.66 it was excellent! I plan on getting it a lot now. They have whole wheat too. Honestly I don't know how good the bread is health wise but it's got to be better than the plain white or wheat that I normally buy (which are perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches). Maybe some day I'll look and see how it compares to other breads but for now I'm just excited for a change in bread (after being spoiled in Nevada with their yummy bread) for some tasty sandwiches.

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