Monday, June 25, 2012

Duped! Revised...

OK I decided to change this whole post and instead of complain about a certain store and not do anything about it I decided to take action instead of just make a post for the world to see. Why add more negativity right? So, I'm changing the post to another way I was duped. My sister Kylee is pregnant with her second child and over the phone had made a comment that made me think she was having a girl. So, I kept saying I knew she was having a girl (her and Matt weren't telling anyone what they were having, we had to find out through the mail). Well, I was in Nevada while everyone was getting their mail and finding out what they were having. So, I sent Kylee and text and said that wasn't fair so she gave in and told me they were having a boy!!! I congratulated her, told everyone at the farm and was all excited! Then Sunday night we get home really late and it wasn't in the mail. Then it came while I was at work Monday so I didn't see it till I got off work. Well SHE definitely was NOT a BOY! It is a girl! So, I was right and Kylee totally duped me and told me it was a boy! I'm really excited for them though, Brooke will have so much fun with a little sister!

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