Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Velveeta Cheey Skillets

 Today I made this Chicken and Broccoli Velveeta Skillet from a box because I needed a quick dinner. It was pretty good, I would definitely do it again when I need something quick. Instead of cooking chicken I used 3 cans of canned chicken with 2 boxes of the Velveeta mix. I'm a little disappointed in the chicken though. Look at the picture below, I bought the bigger can 3 months ago and the smaller just this week. :( They're so much smaller now. The bigger one was 12.5 oz and now they're only 10 oz. but of course the same price. I never would have noticed had I not had them side by side. Crazy! I remember when Reeses were way bigger than they are now, now they're almost quarter size. Everything's so much smaller and costs so much more.

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  1. That looks really easy and good. I will have to try it.