Wednesday, April 25, 2012

5th Grade Hershey Track Meet

Kadin had his track meet today and it was a lot of fun and a little bit chili weather but still really nice. He took 6th place in the softball throw out of tons of boys, over 100 at least. In his heat for the 800 meter run he took 9th place out of 15 and in the 200 meter he took 4th place out of 7. So, he didn't do as well as last year but he still did really great and his best and I'm proud of him. Last year he took second in a couple things. He loves doing it too! I never did, so I think it's awesome!
In this picture he's getting ready for his heat of the 800 meter.
 Getting closer to his turn for the 800. He's in the front there in the orange shirt.
 Listening to the rules.
 Just about ready, he's second from the end in the orange shirt. For the 800 they run around the track twice.
Here he is getting ready to run the 200 meter. 
 This is the video of his 200 meter run. Look over close to the school, that's where they're starting. Oh sorry, I didn't pay close attention to the camera in one spot.
Great job Kadin, you're awesome! Levi's turn in a couple weeks!

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  1. great job Kadin, wish we could have been there!