Monday, April 2, 2012

To The Rescue

I know this will shock some people since we're hunters around here but I figured someone actually owned this bird so I rescued it. On my way home this Albino Dove (at least we think it's albino because it's got the red eyes) was in the middle of the road and didn't fly away when I drove by, so I turned around and drove right up to it and it still didn't fly. Then I parked the car, walked up to it and it tried flying a little but couldn't. I went home (only 2 more blocks) and told Kadin to grab a net and come with me. He did and we went and caught it. It had an injuring on the side of it's body, most likely from a BB gun. It also had a tag on it's foot. So, I called a friend up and we researched a little online about this tag, we found a phone number for a man in Springville. He took down my information and called up a man in Santaquin who called me back and said he'd be able to find out where it came from. So, he came and picked it up, we told him where we had found it and showed him the injury. He left with it and I'll probably never know what comes of it but at least it's owner will have it back and know what's happened to it instead of wondering. I was surprised with how calm it was with us, most the time anyways.


  1. Wow! It looks pretty. I'm glad you saved it.

  2. I bet the children learned a lot and enjoyed it.