Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hope Of America

Here's Kadin after his Hope Of America performance. Oh ya and he's got his new tooth, they weren't able to use his old part that broke off because it there was too much missing. See how banged up he got though? Looking a lot better though.
Today we went to Kadin's Hope of America program. That was an awesome program! I got goosebumps all over a few times. I loved this program, I can't wait for my other kids to be involved in it. It was really fun. I did get in an accident on the way there though. Long story short because I want to go to bed...we were almost there and I needed to switch lanes so I looked behind me to see if it was clear, then I turned my head back around and the car in front of me was slamming on her breaks. So, I slammed on mine and swerved to the left but still hit her. Then immediately the car behind me slammed into me, I didn't even have time to look in the mirror to see if anyone was going to hit me. I had Fisher and Kadin with me, we're ok. My neck is very stiff and back hurts so I think I'll probably go to the chiropractor. I took 3 ibuprofen 2 1/2 hrs ago and my head, back and neck all still hurt. :( 
So, we were so close to the Marriott Center but I couldn't send Kadin there walking alone and I couldn't leave the car. Thankfully a mother from Kadin's same school recognized us and took Kadin with them, that was a huge worry lifted because we had sat there for 35 min. by that point, the police showed up 45 min. in. Anyways, all is just hunky dory with us. Good night!
This is all the kids making a flag. Pretty awesome huh? I think so!
Kadin is part of a white line in the middle.
Here's part of one of the songs they sang, this was really cool with all their flash lights.
I wish I could download all the videos onto here but this one took long enough.
Halfway through this video the officer who came to the scene of the accident called me to ask a question so I had to turn the camera over to Kerby and Skylar started screaming because she wanted to come with me so sorry for the screaming and camera moving at the end.

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  1. Kylee was the only one of my kids that got to do this. I think it is great the children do it. Kylee did this song as well. Sorry, I am such a forgetful person. I would have liked to see it again. It's an amazing program. Thanks for posting it Kristi. Great job Kadin.