Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hair Flower

 So I bought this material to make this hair flower for Skylar for St. Patrick's Day. Well, I forgot about it until a couple days ago when I found it. So, I decided it's still springy and Eastery enough that I should still make it for that. I think it turned out really cute for my first attempt at doing this, burning the edges and stuff.
 I cut out 6 circles, 3 from each material and each circle got smaller than the previous.
 Take a match or lighter and carefully burn around the edges, this will get it to kind of curl up a little bit.
 Once you have all the edges burned hot glue them onto your barrette. Oh ya, first take a small piece of  and glue that on the under side, this will help the flower stay on. Glue the circles onto that piece until you have them all in place.
Then I just made a little bow and glued it in the middle.
 So pretty, even though Skylar was a little grumpy.


  1. Great job, looks good!!! Even though she is grumpy she is still pretty!!! :)

  2. They looked really cute in her hair.