Thursday, April 12, 2012

Green Banana Fries

So I got these bananas 2 weeks in a row from bountiful baskets and they just weren't ripening. I put them in a brown paper bag for about 2 weeks when someone told me that they're not supposed to ripe, that they stay green. Even the ones on the ripe that are slightly yellow still aren't remotely ripe, they're hard just like the green ones. So, I started looking online for green banana recipes and decided to make green banana fries. They weren't bad, but not my favorite fries. They're healthier for you than with potatoes though. They were pretty good once I started dipping them in ranch and the thinner ones were better tasting and had a slight crunch to them. I only used about half of them so I'll find another recipe for the rest. These were good and interesting, but I prefer regular fries. They're pretty dense too.
Green Banana Fries
Set deep fryer on 375. Cut into thin strips and deep fry for 5-7 minutes. Make sure you put one in at a time so they don't stick to each other. When done pour onto a plate with a paper towel on it, sprinkle with salt and any other seasonings you want. I sprinkled Weber Season Salt onto them before I cooked them. I'm sure you could bake or broil them too to have them even healthier.
 They're hard to peel so you need to cut them to be able to easier. I read that the juice from them stains your clothes and you can't get it out...
Raw they taste pretty much like nothing but the texture is really bad, I had to spit it out. It's a powdery, dry texture...hard to explain. Basically like a really unripe banana! They smelled like cucumbers to me and Kerby (after they were cooked) said they tasted like pumpkin seeds to him. I took a couple pictures of them cooked but can't find them anywhere...weird.

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  1. Hmmmm, I am not sure I will try this one. It just seems like it needs bananas,ice cream and choclate.