Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Wreath

I've been working on this fun Easter wreath all week and I finally finished it today. I even had a tutorial video on how to make the flowers out of the crepe paper, but it won't let me load it. I've tried so many times and I can't get it to load, I don't know why some days blogger let's me and others it doesn't. So, maybe tomorrow it will, I'll try. Anyways, here's the cute wreath I made. I love how it turned out, I'm so excited. I put it on my door to see how it would look but took it down because it's so windy right now.
I found these at Dollar Tree, you get a set of 2 for $1. 
 Carve one into an egg shape, then trace the rest so they're all the same size.
 Get several different colors of crepe paper. I had some of these already and I got some at Walmart and Dollar Tree.
Make a LOT of crepe flowers by rolling, twisting and wrapping, then gluing with glue dots (or hot glue when you run out of glue dots like I did). One of these days I'll get that video to load on here because it was hard for me to figure out how to do this, I watched several videos and none were very clear so I just had to play around with it till I figured it out.
 Start gluing them onto your foam eggs.
 This is my favorite one.
Then secure them all together with toothpicks and hot glue and you have a cute wreath! I tried just the hot glue for this part and they weren't staying together very well, so the toothpicks are needed. Also I got hot glue on my carpet because I had them on the floor in the egg shape so just left it there. :( Looking at it now I wish I would have did some vertical lines, oh well.

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  1. It looked really cute on your door. great job kristi