Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Fun & Skylar's & Grandpa's Birthday's

Today was a super fun day. It started out very fun and interesting. I came home from picking up my bountiful basket this morning and the boys had created an Easter egg hunt for Kerby and I. So we went on our little hunt....
Here we both just discovered an egg on top of the shed, oh and Kadin is in charge of the camera.
 I wasn't going to let Kerby get it without a fight.
 Apparently he wasn't going to let me have it at all, he kept shoving me away.
 I just discovered another egg, so he's taking me down so I can't go after it.
 Oh NOW he decides to be nice and give me the egg from the shed.
 Then he runs off.
 I don't want it so I throw it back to him.
 Ugh, glad I didn't find that one.
 Of course I'm left with the one way up in the tree and I can't climb trees!!! I ended up using a stick to push it down.
 Inside the eggs were pieces of paper, once egg also had a quarter (which I found). Most of the eggs were empty though, funny kids.
 Kadin and Fisher made a puzzle out of this note, hope you can read what it say, I have some sweet boys.
 Levi made this sweet note for us. I love my children!!!
Then I got busy making Skylar's cake and getting the house ready while Kerby took the kids to the park....I know you're all shocked he didn't take them fishing!
I'm made a bunny cake and this is where I cut the ears out.
 The shape.
 I frosted the whole thing white with Betty Crocker Butter Cream icing, then I added 1 drop of pink food coloring to the rest of the icing to make the ears.
 The ears.
 These are what I made the eyes and nose with.
 I made the mouth and whiskers with the stringy licorice pieces.
 All finished. :)
 Throughout the day I made jello eggs with my new jello molds that I got for free (just pay shipping) here Kraft Corner Store. I wanted to make more colors but ran out of time, maybe tomorrow.
Then cousins and grandma and grandpa came over to celebrate. We started with an Easter egg hunt.
Skylar found her first one, didn't even hesitate reaching under the rock.
 Landon found his first. where are they?
 Skylar and Landon going after the same egg.
 Ok where to next?
 Kiani looking for some eggs.
 Fishing found one in the cherry tree.
 Jonah and Levi searching.
 Fisher looking behind the shed.
 Skylar found two in the same spot.
 Levi wanted to pose for a pic.
 Kendyl, smiling so pretty for me.
 Then she turns and finds one.
 Kadin laughing hysterically.
 Skylar, stood here for about 5 minutes just eating candy instead of looking for more eggs.
 Who's going to get the egg???
 Levi...I just know there's got to be an egg in there.
 Maybe if I shake the branches one will fall out.
 Jonah's coming to investigate too.
 I think they see one.
 Kendyl just got one out of the peach tree.
 I couldn't resist taking some pics of Skylar here.
What a beautiful little girl.
 Another beautiful girl, Kiani letting me get some of her.  Even though she has a mouth full of candy her smile is so pretty.
Time to sing to Skylar. Happy Birthday Skylar we love you! Um that was scary! Her DRESS put out one of the candles. It didn't get burned, just got some wax on it but scary! Oh and she did NOT want me to help hold the cake.

She LOVED the bunny cake.
 What a cutie!
 Opening presents.
 She actually held the card up like she was reading it.
 She's excited to go pick out some presents.
 She didn't want Kadin reading the card, just her!
 Landon had tons of fun helping Skylar.
 She had to open everything right when she unwrapped it.
 A little skirt she just tossed aside thinking it was tissue paper.
 She's so excited!
 She finally got it out.
 Yay a new swimming "soup".
Time to sing to grandpa and have him open presents....too bad my batteries kept dying, didn't get much.
I didn't have 62 candles, you're getting up there dad!
 Awe how cute!
 Reading some cards.
It was a long, fun, exciting day! Time to be the Easter Bunny now. Let's do it all again tomorrow, well some of it.


  1. are an amazing mom:) Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Julie! Happy Easter to you too!

  2. Kristi, thanks for posting all the photos. The pictures with Skylar and Kiani by the pink blossomed tree were beautiful. The kids letter to you was adorable. Great job!!