Monday, April 23, 2012


Well I found out two things today. The first is that Geico is going to be hard to work with. The accident was Wednesday and I just heard from them for the first time today and the experience wasn't that great. Then I heard from the a second time today and it was the guy who's supposed to get the estimate of the damage the guy did when he hit me. Since he's not local we need to take it to a body shop and get an estimate and have them take pictures and email them to him, they won't just take the ones my insurance already got. I'm fine with taking it to a shop but he has NO idea if we are even able to drive it to a shop. Also, this means that Geico has NO local agents, I have a feeling this is going to be a long process. My insurance Bear River Mutual called me and the person I hit the next morning. I love Bear River Mutual!

The second and worse thing I discovered today is that I have Scoliosis AND very bad posture! The Chiropractor said the Scoliosis could be from the accident. If it is then it should improve quickly and easily, if I had it before it will take longer and be harder to improve. So, let's hope I got it from the accident, but the way my back and neck and stuff were hurting before I wouldn't be surprised if I had it already. Also I was looking at past pictures of myself and my right shoulder was already lower than my left...that doesn't mean I did have it already but I at least had that problem before.
In this x-ray it shows how much lower my right shoulder is from my left. He said that a lot of people's strong arm hangs lower than their other arm. I have 3 (the green circles) curves in my spine, it's not uncommon for someone to have a curve but I have 3 so I have scoliosis.
My posture is really bad, the red line below is where my spine should be. I hang my head too far forward. When I had this x-ray taken I thought I was standing up really straight so I was surprised to find out how bad this is. After today's appointment he put some tape on my neck to remind me to have good posture. When I look down or to the side or slouch it pulls on my skin a little and reminds me to straighten up. I knew my posture was getting bad but I had no idea I was this bad. My spine is tired of holding up my huge head!

In this x-ray I'm looking down and my spine is curved too much and he says that that IS because of the accident and that it should be able to be corrected easily. I sure hope so. When I look down it burns along my spine, from the top of my back to about halfway down.

OK so friends, whenever you see me slouching or hanging my head please tell me to straighten up. I won't be offended, I'll just be grateful! Thanks bunches!


  1. I have scolosis too Kristi...have had it forever.

    1. I didn't know that Julie! I hope you haven't had too much pain your whole life.