Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cereal Organization

Today I got so tired of cereal boxes falling out of my pantry along with anything else they knock down on the way. Usually they're falling because my kids are getting into them to just munch on. So, I finally put a stop to it. I got a huge basket (my sister Tina's idea) and put them on top of the fridge. On mornings we have cereal I can just pull the basket down then put it back up when we're done. No more things getting knocked down because of that...now I need something for crackers and snacks!


  1. Where did You get the cute basket? I need about 6 of them for Kiani's toy's that im trying to organize. Cute idea.

    1. From Walmart in Springville, I'm sure others will have them too but Payson doesn't. This one is huge and only $18 which is good for a basket. They have a couple different sizes too.